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Chronic-Intractable Pain and You, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Charity

Northridge worked directly with Dr Patty at CIPAY Dr Patty is a dedicated and caring friend of mine that has created a website called, Chronic-Intractable Pain and You, aka Cipay. She is very compassionate about Cipay and works really hard to help others in chronic pain even though she is in a lot of pain herself. She is trying to change the laws of how pain medication is prescribed. She has started an Advocacy program to help other chronic pain sufferers if they are in need of an advocate when they have to go to the ER for medical reasons. It is such a great pleasure working side by side with Dr Patty. She is such a great inspiration to me.

Margaret Ferrante    


worked directly with Dr Patty at CIPAY amazing advocate and wonderful inspiration

Teresa Johns    


Dr. Patty Verdugo is performing a tremendous service to those who suffer from chronic pain. Not only is she working to change the medical community’s attitudes toward pain (trying to secure adequate treatment for chronic pain sufferers) but she has created a community on the web where people can go for support and for information. I give her work and her accomplishments the highest recommendation.


Dr. Jonna Lian Pearson    


As a busy advocate working with patients in pain and with her work as a psychotherapist Dr Patty deserves recognition for her dedication to a community who often cannot help themselves. Her website offers great information on various topics including useful pain scales and indeed the weather – so important for those in pain. CIPAY is also a great idea. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Patty

Jeanne Hambleton    


Dr. Patty Verdugo is a compassionate, knowledgeable health care provider, dedicated to people suffering with pain issues. She is committed in her work at CIPAY, while also volunteering her knowledge, skills and time with other pain advocacy organizations. Dr. Patty is the kind of doctor who gives her heart alongside her skill and in THAT, there is real healing. I am happy and honored to endorse her!

Toni Bernhard    


Dr.Patty Verdugo is a detailed oriented person,creative and without losing sight of advocating for chronic pain patients.

Stacy J Hall    


Dr. Patty is an inspiration for those living with chronic PAIN!!!

mike graham    


Dr. Patty is an honorable Dr.of Psychology with high integrity. She has created and has been running CIPAY, which is a website for patients in chronic pain with a variety of pain illnesses. It is a place for patients in pain and their caretakers, friends,spouses etc. to go and get information and other help when needed. She will advocate for people in the ER via teleconference with your physicians after you sign some legal papers and answer questions first, of course. Dr. Patty has so much experience due to the fact that she is not only highly educated and well-spoken; but she is a pain patient also. Therefore she has the first hand knowledge that comes with helping people in pain. I highly recommend her for anyone needing assistance with anything regarding pain, ER visits,Physician’s visits, self help training, and any other aspects of assisting the chronic public and their families, friends and/or caretakers.

Holly Phipps    


Dr. Patty is a skilled lady who has been through her own challenges and, because of them, has great ability to help others. She is a straight shooter and believes in the dignity, purpose and health of the individual.

Suzanne Stewart    


Dr. Patty Verdugo is a pioneer in her field. She is not only intelligent and professional, she is a woman to admire. I have known Dr. Verdugo for the past three years as an advocate for patients in pain. She is very beloved and should be commended for all her service to patients with pain.

Cinda Crawford    


Dr, Patty is one of the most dedicated and organized individuals I have ever had the pleasure or working along side of. She has a strong drive to succeed at whatever she starts and doesn’t back down from a challenge of any kind which is obvious to most anyone who knows here personally. She also has a nice way with people and her compassion and concern for others shows through is all her work. I personally would trust her with anything and give her high praise for all she had done to this point working with Chronic Pain Advocacy

Jeff Hartzog    


I have only know Dr. Patty for a brief period but I already like her. She clearly is a self-starter who is devoting her life to service of others. I am a person with pain and a pain advocate, and if you want to know something important about Patty; just look up her site “Chronic-Intractable Pain and You.” It demonstrate her vision, commitment and laser-like attention to detail. People living with intractable pain need to come together, and that’s what Dr.Patty is providing.

mark maginn    


Dr Patty, is a very social, trustworthy, honest advocate who started CIPAY for the thousands of people who are in chronic pain and need a safe place to gather information, advocate and understand what options people with chronic pain have. She is working very hard to change laws so that chronic pain sufferers can receive the care and medication that they need and deserve. 5 of 5 STARS!!! My only wish is she lived closer to me and we could meet in person. Thanks for all you have done and are doing. Karen Crabtree Ind.

Karen Crabtree    


Dr Patty Verdugo is a wonderful person that gives all of herself to help others. She is a real blessing for so many people in pain

Claudine goze-weber    


I found Dr Patty, to be a warm and understanding Lady who’s Passion for her profession and cause are outstanding

Ruthie and Paul Mirous    


Dr Patty ,and I met each other sharing the same experiences I found her to be honest, aware and intelligent,, she is a good person to work with and to discuss aspects of your personnel experiences.. I wish her the very best and know if you have a chance to meet her or to work with her you would do well to follow through.

Barry Shankman    


Dr Patty is a wonderful resource. She uses both her own personal and professional knowledge to help others.

Thomas Mcgirrn    


Dr. Patty has the ability to help those in pain gain a sense of self, help them with connections to others in the pain community, and offers a supportive setting in which others can discuss and manage their thoughts about themselves, their pain, and then guides them on the way to wellness.

Dee Delezene- Browers    


Dr. Patty is a great advocate for people in pain. She works tirelessly to make sure that patients are getting the care they deserve and need. Patty runs CIPAY with integrity and excellence and strives to be the best. Her work benefits many patients and caregivers across the country.

Barby Ingle