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I need support and help with my chronic intractable refractory pain in my upper limbs, prominently in my right arm & hand, and lower back. I lost my job as a hospice chaplain in December 2020 due to these issues. I now have CRPS since April 2020, and have been living with MONONEURITIS MULTIPLEX with VASCULITIS, MULTIFOCAL MOTOR NEUROPATHY, Lupus, RA, RAYNAUDS, Sjogrens, Hypothyroidism, AVN (both hips), Spinal Stenosis, AFIB, Spinal Fusion Surgery L3-4. I have led a pretty active life until Spring of 2020. I was a competitive athlete when younger and have kept up exercising. I am also a visual artist (painting, mixed media, digital, photography). I miss providing spiritual & emotional care, art therapy, grief counseling, etc to my patients & families, and am now living with not much meaning or purpose - pretty much just existing, trying to hold on. I am so very grateful to live with my Angel of a mother who does most everything for me, and with my precious rescus dog, Sammie Sunshine. I want to learn where & how I can get better ☀️