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We provide all of the tools that you and your loved ones need to live a life in chronic and/or intractable pain 

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      OUR          MISSION

We are a 501C (3) nonprofit private website that provides chronic and intractable pain sufferers (as well as others touched by the lives of the pain sufferer) with multiple interactive tools and other fun forums to express yourself, a large research library, chat, members area (like other social media sites), 24/7 emergency support, one on one scheduled phone sessions with Dr. Patty, contests, large resource area, petitions, etc.

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This is our Board of Directors From left to right:

Dr. Patty Verdugo, PsyD, Dennis Verdugo

Gary MacKenzie

Chester Hinds


Equipment Articles

Alternative Medicine Articles

Assessment of Chronic Pain Articles

Caregiving Articles

Diagnostic Tests, Procedures & Treatment Articles

Comorbidities or Side Effect of Having Chronic Pain Articles

Distracting Yourself From Your Pain Interactive Forum

Insurance Medicare & Medicaid 


Interactive Sessions To Help You Learn To Live A Life With Chronic Pain

Medication Articles

Pain Disease & Disorders Articles

Pain Disease Videos

Pain Medicine News Articles

Psychology of Chronic Pain Articles

Resource Books

Types of Treatment other than Western Medicine Articles

Volunteer Information 

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